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Thread: middland red

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    middland red

    it all started aweek ago with a phone call as these things do from a land owner telling me to get up hear and sort these bloody stags out as there trashing his fences and spooking his cut a long story short over 4 days i had herd and seen reds roaring ,fighting from about 300meters and only manageing to get a spicker .let me explain the ground is made up of small fields surounded by woods and valleys in 1 of the middlands woodlands .as i watched i saw the old cock of the rock lose to a bigger and better looking beast as look would have it the old boy came my way and with the owners words still in my ears about 200meters of fenceing geting smashed up the old lad gave me a good heart shot from about 100 meters so i sent the 90g sako from my howa 243 he must have jumped 6feet in the air jumping the fence and dropping after 20 feet so i waited for the other deer to move off and went to check the beast after bellying him found his heart and lung was smashed so people that say 243 is not for reds its like all shooting shot placement and luck to be in the rite place rite time sorry about the pictures thanks for reading carnt get photos on please look in my gallery thanks stu
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    i seen the photo as to will have the other 107 people,
    i will ask as i am sure some are wondering.
    is this deer a completely wild one or an escapee
    no offence mate but just asking...

    atb f.

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    A beautiful stag! There's a lot of weight in that set of headgear. Roughly what part of the Midlands is this from - a county will do?

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    You must be made up with that result, what a cracker.
    Are you sure you did not use a 100 grain sako from your howa.
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    any more resent stories

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    ok gents no offence taken if i had hair on my head it would still be standing on end masive buz i was shaking after for 10 mins .im as sure as i can be that he was wild as no parks round about .i tryed 100g thru my howa and luved um just cart get um round here at the moment so iv bin on the sakos 90g they do the job a treat .as for were he saw shot im on the border of derby and staffs hope you understand .i wish he was my number 9 so not bin at it as long as id like but got the bug , love the stalking more than the shot but they taste nice thanks for the coments stu

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    One bigger was shot the following year
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    there are some proper big lads up this way, well done

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    Big lads up there.
    You mean there are some monsters up there.
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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