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Thread: Browning B25 A1 LWT Game

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    Browning B25 A1 LWT Game

    Hi All, Quite a few viewings but obviously not quite tempting enough. Therefore revised price of 1000.

    Up for sale due to the arrival of a B2G.
    I have owned this gun for the past 10+yrs and has been a joy to own and shoot.
    27 1/2 inch barrels with 1/4 and 3/4 fixed chokes. Non vented x filed 10mm rib.
    Roach belly stock 14 3/8 LOP.
    In great condition for its vintage (1972) perfect gun for game and sporting clays.
    However barrels have been sleeved at some point in its life before my ownership but this is reflected in the price. Please do not let this put you off as the sleeving is of a high standard and difficult to recognise without great scrutiny. Also has not been to the detrement of the guns balance and handling or performance.

    Looking for 1200 ono.
    Last edited by JasonH; 24-10-2010 at 07:37. Reason: New price.

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    Hi All revised the price to tempt you a little more now at 1000.

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    Hi All Browning is still for sale would like to sell to make way for a lighter guage gun 850 ono.



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    Bump still avaliable willing to move a little on the price to shift ASAP.

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    Bump final price reduction 750 no offers, got to be a bargain?

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    who sleeved the barrels ?

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    Sorry but no idea it was carried out before my ownership.



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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonH View Post
    Bump final price reduction 750 no offers, got to be a bargain?
    Hi JasonH, is your Browning A1 still for sale ?

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    If it is he might be up for a deal after 2.5years of trying to sell it!
    "If you don't belong, don't be long"

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    Nope not really dont need the funds desperately at the moment and not worth letting go for less than 750.



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