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Thread: .22lr vs .17HMR. What do your prefer?

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    .22lr vs .17HMR. What do your prefer?

    For general rabbit control and small game hunting, what is your rimfire caliber of choice and what are your reasons for this? I know that the .17HMR really took off after its introduction in 2002, but there are still many advocates of the .22lr who regard it as the best all round rabbit caliber. There are also aficionados of the rarer calibers such as the 17HM2 or RMR.



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    HMR all the way if I use a rimfire
    Personally I no longer use the .22lr because of the ricochets.


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    .22 every time for bunnies
    .17hmr causes too much damage
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    Lovely fast long range rabbit exterminator vs the ricochet king its a no brainer for me but then i dont sell or eat my rabbits so the .17hmr is all i need for the job,if i want some for freinds to eat i take a shotgun.

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    I think they both have their place. Long range still summer evenings the 17 wins every time. 22LR for closer work and on windy days and nights. Carcase damage is a problem with the 17 but you can always shoot them in the head!
    I have to say I have used the 17 more and more but would be very reluctant to get rid of the 22. If push came to shove and I had to get rid of one I suspect I would end up with the 22. Old habits die hard!!

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    Why not just head shoot your rabbits with the .17?.............. I'm not aware of anyone eating rabbit heads?
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    I have both calibres but find myself using the .17HMR most of the time. I use 20 grain rounds in case I bump into Charlie. They do less damage on bunnies and I'm getting exit holes when I shoot foxes through the heart and lung area.

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    I shoot on a small 12 acres so ricochet is a bit of a worry for me, thus I tend to favour the .17HMR, however I find the .22lr does have its uses in some circumstances. I wonder if .20 caliber rimfire rifles will ever take off.

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    What's the price of these .20 grainers? Sounds good if they cause less damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    .22 every time for bunnies
    .17hmr causes too much damage
    If you can't head shoot them, leave them alone.
    I shoot a good few rabbits with hmr, .223 and .22 hornet and all are eaten.
    Well except for the heads which I leave wherever they land.

    Quote Originally Posted by old keeper View Post
    <<<snip>>>22LR for windy days <<<snip>>>
    Show me the evidence to support that, on very windy days I just keep shots below 100 yards.
    I rarely miss under those circumstance, and I shoot on the edge of a very windy Essex marsh.


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