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Thread: Magnum versus non magnum primers

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    Magnum versus non magnum primers

    A couple of weeks ago i stocked up on .270 components for my favorite load of Re22, Federal Magnum primers and sierra 130gn gamekings. I bought 300 gamekings and 500 primers but they didn't have any re22 in stock. they did say they would have some soon but it got me thinking.
    I had a root about in the cupboard to see what powder i did have in stock, i have got 1kg of Vhit N160.
    Do you think it is worth trying some N160 (starting from well below max) with the Mag primers? I allways worked to a rule of thumb for mag primers only in loads over 60gn's.
    ideally i'm trying to find an alternative load for when i cant get any re22.
    Any thoughts on mag primers with a starting load of 52gn of n160?


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    Start with 5% below minimum and work up. It's the safe way to do it.~Muir

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    Cheers Muir,

    I started by loading from 49gns but only 2 rounds at a time and worked my way up to 54.5gns by the time i got to 54 it was shooting promising groups so i loaded a batch of 6 at 54.5 and the first 3 went 1" high but about 1/2" left, i tweeked the scope 2 clicks to the right and it put the next 3 spot on the money. this is close enough to my origional zero for me not to have to worry about adjusting between the Re22 load and the Vhit load. I got a bit carried away though and i've shot out of .223 and .270 so i'd better get the press going before next weekend.


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