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Thread: Browning 525 Hunter vs Beretta Silver Pigeon 3?

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    Browning 525 Hunter vs Beretta Silver Pigeon 3?

    Having had my AYA Yeoman for 17yrs I'm considering treating myself to a new/(secondhand) shotgun. Does anyone have any experience of the above 2 shotguns and if so a recommendation out of the two as they seem very similar? I've narrowed it down to a 30inch m/c barrel in one of these two.
    Any experience would be much appreciated before getting to compare them in the flesh.

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    Moved this to general discussion which is probably more suitable.

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    Hi TASR12,

    I have got a 687classic 12 and a Browning 525 20 bore. can i ask what physical build you are? as a general rule the brownings are suited to stocky built frames and the Beretta's suit someone with longer arms (that is just a generalisation) does the browning have a straight stock (as opposed to a semi pistol grip) Both guns will last a lifetime. I've had my 687 since i was about 13 years old (i'm 34 now) and i used it twice a week in sporting competitions for about 5 years, it was second hand when i bought it. It's never been apart and is still going strong, the Browning is about 10 years old and hasn't had as much use it's never had any issues although they can be inclined to brake firing pins.
    Both great guns.


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    I just got rid of a 425 against a Silver Pigeon. As guns I don't think there is much between them build quality wise, but I've seen Browning chokes pattern plated against Berettas and always thought that the standard Berretta chokes throw a much better pattern.
    I'm well pleased with the Berretta though. It is the Silver Pigeon 3 30" Multi choke too. Quite light to handle.
    The wood is fantastic as is the whole appearance of the gun. It is the perfect all-rounder too. Auto safety, lightweight, and a thin rib for game shooting; but 30" and multi choke for a trip out on the clays! Why have two guns when you can have one that does both that you can become entirely familiar with?
    The best bit was that my SP3 was in mint condition, boxed, with only two choke tubes used and I got it for 950 quid!!!

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    Monkey Spanker that's a great deal, I've been keeping my eyes open for quite a while now but nothing around that price. An allrounder is what I'm after!
    Ezzy regarding your question, I'm 6ft1 14.5 stone. I had heard that Berettas suited smaller/lighter people by one gun dealer and he thought I would be better suited to a Browning?
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    Pick the one the feels best in your hands. They are both quality guns. My personal preference is for Berettas, but you might find the Browning suits you better.

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    got a berreta 687 sporter multichoke takeing up room in my cabinet if your interested i can send you pics never used a browning so cant comment

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    I dont know about Berretas suiting smaller/slighter people, I'm a fat git and my silver pigeon 3 suits me perfectly. Mines a 30" multichoke with a lovely piece of walnut stock and cost me 1100 second hand.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    As claret-dabbler says try them both . I personaly don't get on with berettas as they seem to knock me about a bit. As a shot gun coach I prefer Brownings. I use a 30inch 425 mc for clays and a B25 28inch for game, but it is your choice, you've got to try them for yourself. good luck

    Ian C

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