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Thread: sika/red hinds in scotland

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    sika/red hinds in scotland

    Fellow Stalkers

    My good wife has given me clearance for a couple day trip up to scotland in December. Of course if you google there is a mass of offered stalking but unfortunetly i have no experiance on any particular estate. I was hoping one of m fellow SD members could point me in a direction of a sensibly prices couple of days hind stalking with comfortable accomodation for me my wife and two kids under the age of 2. It would be prefferable if a nice town within driving distance.

    Your advice is appreciated.


    Dick D

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    Whereabouts in Scotland would you like to visit?

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    I am open to specifics depending on the stalking available, but i hear great things about d & g. We havnt restricted ourselves to any particualar area so open to suggestions.

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    Stay in Peebles which is a nice town in itself with several hotels in the area however, Edinburgh is about 30-45mins drive away. There is superb Sika hind stalking within 30mins (max) drive from there unless of course it is red you want to stalk. If you are interested I will get you some details.

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    Hi jamross65

    That sound ideal. Sika hinds would be great. Please do forward me details thats much appreciated.



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    Just a public thank you to jamross 65 i found a great deal on accomodation and am all booked up and ready to roll for dec 6th - 9th


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