I bought a pair of the scent laying shoes to see how they worked. So with a pair of fresh boar hooves i laid a 1 km track at 4.30-5 last evening.
How do i kow it was a Km? Well i use the Garmin Astro to see how far i have walked.
I only used about a table spoon full of blood for the entire track. I only had a few drops of blood at the starting then first 50 mtrs had no blood at all. I then only had the Occasional blood drop. The track went through forest, swamp, plantations and over a gravel road that i went on tip toe over so there was no hoof scent and the dog had to work out for himself where the track went. Back up into the forest again to the end.
Its was -4 last night with a good ground frost and bright sunnyweather this morning.
11.00 o'clock i took the dog down to the start ,sat him down and put on the harness and tracking lead and gave the command to track. The kopov tracks boar scent much faster than he tracks moose or roe deer and i forgot how thick the plantation was. I'm sure it had got thicker overnight .Only once did he stop and go a little off track and went into , I can smell live moose mode so i stood still and he soon came back on track and he found the boar hoof at the end of the track with no problem.
Is it easier to lay a track with the shoes rather than dragging a hoof on a bit of string? No i don't think so.
Did it make a more difficult track with the shoes? I don't think the dog thought so.
3 mtrs of baler twine costs nothing. Tracking shoes 80-90 quid.
But i will be trying them again over the winter.