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Thread: American Forum

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    American Forum

    Since seeing this forum on the web, I've been looking at a few other forums, particularly in the USA.

    There is a lot of rubbish as with all forums, but if you keep going you'll see a lot of amusing posts and there are even a few people who talk alot of sense.

    The following is lifted from the forum. See whether you agree. If you don't, best you go for your coffee now!

    The question was about what calibre they'd want to shoot a trophy buck at 400yrds. Enjoy!

    RE: 400 yard trophy? - 10/22/2006 1:13:24 AM

    Status: offline First, I wouldn't even fathom the thought of shooting a deer that far.
    Second, what someone else already posted. If I wasn't a good enough hunter to get closer than 400 yards, I wouldn't bother hunting. Matter of fact, I'd give my guns away.

    Third, I normally hunt with a 7mm and I've never had to shoot more than 75 yards in 10 years of gun hunting.

    Fourth, I don't understand what the purpose of this thread is. 300 yards........I'd have to be damn confident and sure of myself and hope that God was watching over me and to make sure the wind was just right and I was more than 100% sure of my gun....get the picture?. 400 yards.....just plain retarded and unethical.

    Finally, hell, even at 200 yards if a "huge" deer came out, I doubt very seriously I'd take the shot. I had a real nice 10pt walk out in front of my stand at 175 yards two years ago, and I didn't even raise my gun other than to look through the scope. Yes, I shoot at paper targets out to 300 yards but a paper target from the dollar store verses a live deer are two whole different worlds. Plus, I have a tremendous amount of respect for wildlife.

    My point; anyone that shoots at a deer that far IMHO is an idiot and needs to have their hunting privileges taken away for life. Anyone that does that obviously doesn't have ANY respect for the animal, much less themselves. They don't care if they kill the animal, they don't care if it runs off wounded, they don't care if they completely miss. They are just worried about telling their buds at the local coffee shop the story. Its pathetic and I see these types of hunters all the time and they make me sick and I have no use for people like that.

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    This is one of the forums that I post on quite regularly. There are some good posts there.


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    I have been a member of that forum for several years. There is some good information once you learn who knows their stuff and who doesn't, but it can get a little "America, love it or leave it" for my tastes at times.

    I'm hoping this forum will be more into the sport and less into red necked politics.

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    It would be nice if every forum were as you described. Unfortunately politics always seems to get into everything.


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    I was given an American magasine to read that has a page devoted to long shots. The longest that I saw was claiming to have shot a prairie dog (about the size of a hare) at over 2,000 yards. This had to include an huge element of luck and was grossly irresponsible.

    I keep explaining to the Yanks that we called the sport deer stalking not deer shooting.

    I have successfully shot at paper targets of foxes out to over 700 yards and pigeons at 500 yards and, whilst this gave me more confidence in my ability, the shots were taken from a comfortable prone position with an all-metal .22-250 sniper rifle on a bi-pod with 56 grn handloaded rounds after checking the wind and range and adjusting the sights with the benefit of ballistics print outs.

    Clearly a deer stepping out or coming into sight at ranges over 200 yards are an entirely different thing.

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    Pom - Gunslinger Girl

    Do you have any other links to good US based forum sites?

    Those based in the UK are all rather same old same old.

    Thanks in anticipation.


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    Pom - Gunslinger Girl

    Do you have any other links to good US based forum sites?

    Those based in the UK are all rather same old same old.

    Thanks in anticipation.


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    Check out the 830 yd shot at an Elk.

    Its bulls**t what happend to deer welfare. it's one sticking a hole in a piece of paper at those kind of ranges but having a go at a living animal is stupidity and just irresponsible.
    If it actually happend

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    These are two that I like quite well.

    One is The Hunter's Life. We have a few Britsh hunters on there already.

    The other is Jesse's Hunting and Outdoors. There's a good group of people on this site.

    Both these forums are, in my opinion, more welcoming than But that's just my opinion.


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    Jesses is quite a good site, I have belonged to it for a while and post occasionaly. One of their pro staff writer's, Andy Moe is a very good friend of mine.


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