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    Hi to all

    Firstly thanks to the administrators for helping to sort out the problems with me registering.

    Having been stalking for a couple of years now, I was keen to join this forum, as there appears to be an absolute wealth of knowledge, and people wanting to help each other out there!

    I'm based in rural Warwickshire, have spent may years shooting rabbits and foxes with air rifles and 'rimmys, before starting stalking a couple of years ago. Weapon-wise, for stalking I drive a .243, and to date, my shooting has been mostly Roe. For this reason, I'm a great fan of Richard Prior's books on Roe - I have learned a huge amount from him that has undoubtedly improved my understanding of these enigmatic creatures.

    Best wishes to all, and I look forward to contributing my bit to the forums.

    Roe Hunter

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    Hi Roe Hunter,
    Welcome to the site are you are on the makr with referance to this site having a wealth of knowledge, and people wanting to help each other out.
    If you take time to look back through passed posts and topics you will be amazed at the info availible

    all the best


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    Hello Roe Hunter

    Welcome to the site, just as Smithy said we try to be helpful where ever we can. So if you want to know something and if nobody on here can help, and I would be surprised, I bet they know a man who can.


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    Again welcome to the site, please ask whatever you want on here, we are all very willing to help


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    Ha a man from Warwickshire! Very nice to see.

    Welcome Roe Hunter, I look forward to hearing your views and reading your posts.

    All the Best,

    Beowulf (Son of Warwickshire).

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    welcome Roe Hunter
    hopefully your presence will be felt, as all us warwickshire stalkers should stick together
    stone(father of warwickshire )

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    welcome aboard mate.

    swampy(son of sussex, nephew of denbighshire, cousin of dortmund, friend of lincolnshire, father of emily ben and georgia)

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    Thanks to all for your welcomes and best wishes.

    Think I'll start off by reading up recent posts, then do a few searches on subjects that interest me before I start asking my own questions, to avoid you guys having to duplicate what might already be out there in this superb forum.

    I'm definitley looking forward to this...

    Regards, and best wishes to all


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    Welcome to the site and I trust you are having a good season at present.

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