Just a short into as a newcomer to the sight. I live in the South...top Roe country...and am lucky enough from from purely living in the same place all my life...to know most of the local shooting/hunting community. I love my shooting in all its forms...driven birds ..rough..bouncing rabbits etc...but over the last few years i have spent more and more time with my rifle stalking here...scotland and a little overseas. My current tool of choice is an RPA thumbhole in .308 ..harris bipod and Leupold Mk iv ..which although some may find a little heavy (i am a big boy so think if i cant lug the extra 2lbs up the hill...i shouldnt be on the hill!!) and i love it to death....the confidence that the bullet will strike where required leaves me only to calm the nerves. I have shot Fallow and Sika etc..and have just returned from a magical first ever woodland west country Red stag stalk. Thats the reason for the post.