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Thread: proofing a mod

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    proofing a mod

    Hi all,

    I dont suppose that anyone can tell me how much it would cost to get a moderator proofed and what if any legal implications are involved, i ask because i have made my own

    Please before anyone starts about safety issues i have thicker wall thicknesses than most other makes and used L168 aircraft grade aluminium, which has been hard anodised to mil spec.

    Regards Mark.

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    Unless you offer it for sale it does not require proofing.

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    I would not wish to take any chnces with my or others safety and much as i am confident in my engineering skills even aircraft grade materials can and do fail.

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    Proofing a mod isn't required keep your cash , I've had all sorts of mods never had one proofed yet there are people out there making a fortune out of this .

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    cervushunter:- 4 years ago (when I didn't know any better) I had a mod proofed at Birm proof house, had to take rifle and mod to RFD who insisted that mod HAD to be proofed, there were no signs that rifle had been fired or any signs of anything (burnt powder, soot) on mod, only proof stamp and the cost was 60, so what the cost of sending your rifle and mod to the London proof house (your closest I think) I wouldn't like to hazard a guess at, I can understand your safety concerns though... callie

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