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Thread: live capture

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    live capture

    has anyone been involved in a live capture scheme? How does it work? i help manage a park and it holds fallow and red. Seems a shame to go in there each year and just shoot 50% of them to keep numbers right.


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    Hi swampy. I have very recently been involved in live capture of red and sika and have learned quite alot. I won't bore the members with it but if you have any specifics you want to know by all means pm me.


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    Hi Grant,
    I don't think you will bore anyone with your live catch exploits. I think that it would make very interesting reading.

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    To be honest b it was a f*****g disaster and I am still very irritated by the experience. I did a huge amount of research going in to it and feel extremely let down by what i saw. The fact remains that we all learn by our experiences, some good and some bad. I learned alot and would like to put that knowledge to use again at some point. I would like to think I could do at least as well and hopefully better than I experienced.


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    Good for you Grant. Yes I have felt that way myself at times. You get your hopes up and the excitment is building within you and then you watch some toss pot with little or no regard for what it is he is supposed to be an expert at make a pigs ear of it, and they still see no harm in their actions. Well you have learnt an important lesson and they are never cheap.

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    As you say good can sometimes come from bad and I will know better next time. I have however ended up with a fantastic looking red stag. His antlers are growing well and he has a wonderfully regal look about him. I dont know anything much about them, but he certainly looks a treat to me.


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    All is well that ends well then Grant. I bet your Stag will be a real sight to see come the rut! Even park deer look impressive in the rut. It always give me goose bumps when the Reds roar.

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    live capture

    it would be easy enough to gat them into a small enclosure, but i can't imagine them volunteering to get into a stock trailer. I don't fancy wrestling a 140lb fallow buck into a trailer either. Maybe they could be darted and sedated whilst in the small enclosure then put in the trailer? or is this simply TV land stuff?


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    No not at all, however it is certainly not straight forward. There are in essence two drugs that are used for the immobilisation of deer and one of them is NOT recommended for fallow. This leaves you with Rompun. One of the many things about the process that surprised me was the cost. It will cost you about 350 to buy one pack of Rompun and depending on body weight that will suffice for seven to ten animals. So the drugs alone are going to cost 35 to 50 an animal. Thats ok if you have no fatalities, but any you have merely increases the cost of the exercise. On top of this you have the cost of the operator of the dart gun. Rompun takes a good ten to twenty minutes to work and as a consequence the process of darting and moving just 5 fallow could take several hours and cost several hundred pounds.

    Shall PM you as well.


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