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Thread: Black Lab pups.

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    Black Lab pups.

    Hi, I have got some very well bred ( Drakeshead) labs for sale.
    All dogs ( over 40 FTCH/FTW) in the 5 generation thing. If any one is interested, please pm me. They will be ready 15 July.

    Sorry if this is in wrong section, but they may well become deer dogs!!

    North Essex area.

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    this is the right section even if they never go to a deer stalking home as i hope we are all hunters on here in some form or another
    good luck in finding the right home for them, as my other half has a few labs from the drakeshead kennels

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    Duncs my first black lab dog had 45 FTW/FTCH in the 5 generation pedegree which was strongly based on the drakeshead kennel. He was by any measure the best dog I ever had. I do envy you. Dont suppose you have any photos.


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