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Thread: BMH's Good Stalking Partners ?

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    BMH's Good Stalking Partners ?

    I have read lots about the legendary tracking powers of the BMH, but what are they like as companions in the field when stalking but without a trail to follow. i know they are not HPR's but do they indicate the presence of unseen deer or do they just follow behind waiting for a job. How do you guys that own them work them ?
    I am trying to work out if they are the kind of dog for me, any help with my quest appreciated.

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    Why not ask sikamalc directly. I have had the pleasure of seeing his dog Todd work and I was very impressed. I can't say that all BMH's are the same but he has a good dog there, he has obviously put in the time with the dog but it must have had the right atributes to start with. Personally I would be a bit worried that this breed may become a fashion accessory for stalkers, with dogs being put to bitches that should never be bred from.
    I don't know the temprement of this breed but they certainly seem far easier going than say a GWP.

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    I first saw a BMH when I did my level 1 & 2 at South Ayrshire Stalking. A calm dog out on a stalk, very much indicating the presence of unseen deer but with a slightly stubborn attitude. A fairly power almost dobermann look to his body. I really took to this dog and as I knew that as I was going to be retiring shortly after that and would be spending a great deal of my time stalking and I had the time, commitment and the work for one of these dogs I wanted one. (I was already convinced as to the need for an on the spot deer dog). I believe the three of these conditions are essential with a BMH especially the last.

    I did a good bit of research as to breeders and through this contacted Mark and Alison Montgomery at Paintandpins. IMO both very knowledgeable of the breed. I decided to wait it out to obtain one of their pups to ensure that what I was starting with had the best possible chance of being a good deer dog.

    Dec last year I took possession of my pup.I have a good bit of experience in training and handling GSDs for tracking as I used to do trialling but I was a bit surprised by the breeders advice to get this very young pup tracking early. I was rightly advised, these dogs, even as very young pups having been conditioned by the breeder to see deer blood as a good thing are just made to track. BUT (and I'm putting my tin hat on here) I think this is a point well worth considering by any person thinking of a BMH, they are not like a spaniel or lab that you can do various exercises with like retrieving, hunting etc, BMHs are tracking dogs and if you don't have a regular (i.e. out stalking often) use for one IMO you maybe better with a lab or similar.

    My dog is a very good tracking dog and in the year I have had him has located several finds shot either by myself or others. He is very calm on stalks and will sit quietly at a high seat, responds well to hand signals, is steady in the presence of deer, steady to shot and has very quickly established himself as my right hand man. He is an intelligent dog with an independent/stubborn streak but when a successful track comes down to him I believe you want these attributes. At home he pesters the life out of my spaniels, can get up to mischief fairly easily, can be noisy and can act the clown but take him stalking he is a different dog. He is a very loyal dog. Obedience training is at times on his terms but you do get there.

    Any person who buys one of this breed as a fashion accessory is fooling themselves. These dogs need time, commitment, patience and a good working home. I certainly would not part with mine but they are not a dog for all stalkers.

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    i have only seen a couple of BMH's with stalkers in the recent past, they have both appeared to be very loyal one in particular, a bitch stuck to its owner like glue and was reported to be great with kids (i have a few) and a great companion when stalking but i am not sure if this is the norm. I would love to see one work, and thanks for the tip with Sikamaic.

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    Thanks Gazza, good advice. My last stalking companion was a working cocker bitch (now retired) originally trained for game she took to deer like a duck to water however, she only ever needed to follow hot trails for me. The one time she needed to follow up on a wounded deer a CWD doe she did achieve the task but she flushed it several times before it could be despatched. It was then a few years ago that i determined my next dog would need to be a specialist, be able to follow a scent hot or cold and be able to bring a wounded animal down or hold at bay. i do stalk a lot, most weeks i am out doing something all of next week i will be on fallow. A dog is on call for me if needed, but its not the same as having your own with you and several times over the last year i have spent far too long looking for dead deer that have run into heavy cover and did need to call a dog out once.
    Thanks for your tips, i want to get this breed decision right and find the right breeder that is interested in their dogs and what they do after they are sold not just the

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    I'll echo what Gazza has said.

    They are very intelligent agile dogs and need a stimulating environment, be it at home or out in the field.

    In return you get loyalty and a dog that doesn't need to be shown something more than a couple of times before it 'gets it', and will stalk and walk with you like a shadow when you want it to. If it's from a good line they'll already be pre-programmed for deer and tracking - having said that, they are not a gun dog so don't expect them to take to other shooting disciplines. Have a look at the breed standard for temperament etc. http://www.bavarianmountainhoundsoci...20Standard.pdf

    and elsewhere on the BMH Soc website and for lots of other info.

    My own BMH Max is only 8 months old but nothing seems to faze him - from roe at 5 months:

    Attachment 3029

    to something a bit bigger more recently;

    Attachment 3030
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    You only get out of any dog, what you put in!! and BMH do take time and understanding. They are highly inteligent dogs, and do need stimulation and can be rather head strong.

    However I will say in my opinion that they are incredible dogs to work with. They are very loyal dogs, at least mine is, and very loving and caring. But put a deer in a wood with Todd and he will take you staright to the deer.

    I do not profess to be an expert on deer dogs, but having seen many other breeds working I took my time and after 2 years found the right litter of pups with the right lineage. I have hardly ever been dissapointed with Todds performance at finding and locating fallen or live deer.

    PM me if you want and give me your number and I will gladly call you and discuss the breed. I am rather bias though to me they make the perfect companion in the field

    Oh and I totally agree with Orion. Do not expect or use a BMH for other work, its a waste of a good deer dog.

    Expect to pay about 800 for a good BMH, but make sure they come from a good lineage and working background.


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    Thanks Sikamaic, Pm on its way

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    Thanks Orion for the site tip. i had a look at the society site the other night and read the info provided, i even joined the forum however it was rather limited in content although paintandpins were prominent.
    The something a bit bigger looked a lot bigger to me though, not one for the Roe sack

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    ive got 2 bmh,s they are the most loving dogs ever and have taken over my and wifes life they are like kids.THey also do the job they are bred for vey well,they love kids

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