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Thread: Think I need a metal detecter!!!

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    Think I need a metal detecter!!!

    After making a nice venison chilli ( from the jamie Oliver America book ) best chilli reciepe I have tasyed to date.

    Half way through I thought I had bitten down on a filling but oh no, the buck had the last laugh......

    A nice fragment of 150gr Hornady Interloc 30-06 round!!


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    Quick, delete this post, or the nay sayers and doom merchants'll have us all using copper bullets by this time next week!
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    How are you feeling? This is a very serious situation. Suggest you seek medical advice immediately. What did you do with the left overs - if there were any after you crunched your teeth - disposed as contaminated waste I hope with all that lead!

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    There have been a multitude of studies here in Germany about metal fragmentation ref the health risk of lead poisoning when ingested by the end user of the venison. The X ray photos are surprising to look at as the bullet goes off like a grenade upon impact (logically so as the lead core is only soldered into the jacket and it is spinning at 300000 rpm when it hits the outer skin of the beast as I have read).
    It is just how it is with stalked venison. Hence the run to produce monolithic copper (8000$ per ton now) bullets.

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