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Thread: any steyr prohunter owners

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    any steyr prohunter owners

    i would appreciate if any owners of MKII's prohunter could check out this post.

    thanks in advance


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    Keith, I had that exact problem on a SBS 96 in 222rem. Sportsman sent a new mag and it went away.

    The geometry of the mag on the SBS 96 is critical as there is no "raceway" to guide the round into the chamber as you will find on your Sauer or a Sako or whatever. You cannot drop a round in through the port and feed it, it must come off the top of the mag.

    I might have a spare mag lying around for you to try.

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    i will give you a call towards the end of the week if that suits as i am working away most of this week.


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    My firend has a 223 steyer tactical elite. One mag works the other doesn't.
    The one that doesn't work will pick up rounds if one pushes up the mag by hand.
    I guess the mag production have tolerance problems.

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    I owned a MKII Pro-Hunter in 260 Rem which I bought new from the Sportsman. I never encountered any issues with the feed from the magazine. In fact I didn't appreciate what a useful magazine it was until I got rid of it. I could load my 260 Rem rounds as long as I wanted and still have 1/4 inch free space in front of the bullet tip. As an out of the box rifle I couldn't fault it. My main gripe was that I could find no easy route to upgrade the stock/barrel or any part of it. I now have the 260 Rem in my gallery re-barrelled by Russell Gall.

    Rgds JCS

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    Thanks for the replies, I think the replies sum it up. There appears to be a quality / consistency problem with the mags. Some work flawlessly while others struggle. I have got to the stage where I physically watch a round being chambered as there is nothing worse than getting a troublesome fox in the x hairs only to find a click and no bang.

    I have contacted the sportsman and hopefully Brian's offer can prove the issue is with the mag.


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    I had this feed problem with the steyr. I found that every bullet loaded into the magazine had to be placed tight back to the magazines casing. This sorted it for me. Cheers GAZ

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    There ya go, maybe better to get a remmy..
    at least one can get help from an aftermarket service that does not
    yet exist in that form for European they also seem to have flaws...

    Funny though, only recently I was talking to Roedale about designing a bottom metal
    to take AI magazines for a Steyer as we are planning to make a composite stock for
    the prohunter.

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    Ive had some feed problems with my .308

    On the whole i dont think their bad rifles and have been pleased with the accuracy

    My biggest gripe is the cheapness of the stock and the push fit wobbly butt.

    Im holding out for Boyd or someone else to bring out a litewait thumbhole to swap over

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    Never had a problem with my 243.
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