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Thread: Muzzle Brakes

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    Muzzle Brakes

    Never used one so im just after opinions.

    Do they actually make the rifle louder than with nothing on the end of it or does it just seem louder because the sound comes out sideways rather than straight forward (ie would someone standing half a mile away notice the difference?)

    I used an un moderated rifle the other day and it was much nicer to carry etc but i do like the reduced recoil from a moderator.

    If i was using without a moderator then i would wear ear protection anyway but would like to know if it is actually louder


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    They make the rifle loader at the fireing point any anybody next/behind you get's a piece of the blast and by that I mean feel it and hear it whilst at the same time reduce recoil a fraction however it confuses the hell out of deer. When I had one on my Browning the deer just stood around I can only presume they couldn't work out were the sound/round had come from. If you use a rifle with a muzzle break in an enclose space ie:- covered range then best wear some good ear defence and be ready for folks to complain. As for the stalker who offer's you thier shoulder to rest on, we'll he'll be deaf for quite sometime when you let the shot off.

    BUT they are good just don't recoil to be on the par with a sound moderated rifle.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Newcombe View Post
    ...would someone standing half a mile away notice the difference?
    Not if you were zeroed in properly.

    Check Chuck -
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    The noise is not increased with the use of a brake, it is just directed to the side increasing percieved volume.

    At target sound ?

    Well I think the noise would be more difficult to detect the direction it came from -ive shot multiples of deer using braked rifles and they did not react by running in the direction away from the shot.

    I have brakes on two stalking rifles - but I also use moderators on the same guns - dependant on the season.

    If I am after stags / bucks and I am only likely to fire one or two shots, I will use the brake.

    If I am after hinds and the likelyhood is of 3, 4 , 5 etc shots, I use a mod, which is far more effective at stopping the animals from detecting where the shot has come from giving me extra time on "target" or to avoid critique the intended cull animals.

    Regarding brakes and range use - well yes they may be unpleasant to the chap alongside, so maybe you can move further away or put up a case bettween you and he.

    But as all guns make a noise when they go off, why should there be an issue............

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redmist View Post
    The noise is not increased with the use of a brake, it is just directed to the side increasing percieved volume.
    This is a little confusing I suspect. The energy used to make the noise is as you suggest "redirected" but this means that at the ears of the person firing the rifle, or even at the ears of those nearby, the sound pressure level of a rifle with a brake is significantly higher than the SPL of a rifle without a brake. It is this energy that causes damage so this isn't just a "perceived" increase in volume with no consequences but rather a significant increase in the potential to damage hearing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Redmist View Post
    But as all guns make a noise when they go off, why should there be an issue............
    The issue is that the louder the noise the more the damage and even with hearing protection a rifle with a brake may well be producing the sort of SPLs that cause hearing damage. Most hearing protection offers a reduction in SPL of around 25 - 30dB and that only just about takes an unmoderated 308W below the EU maximum for impulse type noises, clearly you don't want exposed to anything louder.

    Now, despite this I have never seen any reliable figures for the actual increase in SPL produced by a brake, most of the research I've seen appears to examine the reduction due to a moderator. So, while I can produce hard figures to support you using a moderator I can't produce any hard figures to quantify the increased energy that will be acting to cause damage when using a brake and, as ever, the decision has to be your own. My personal advice is - don't do it without a lot of serious protection.

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    I wouldnt shoot with a brake or unmoderated rifle without hearing protection.

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    I had heard that the brake actually was more effective on reducing recoil than a moderator, seems that was wrong?

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    Not all muzzle brakes are equal soem give better recoil reduction that others and some seem to be made to just look good. Obviously aimed at the "Tacticool" market.

    At the club range there is a little crowd with their "Tacticool" rifles and most have brakes of one type/design of another and to be honest they're a damned nusience. heaven forbid you should ask them to move to one side. Nope they have to take centre of the range to effect as many as possible.

    Well I sort of got my own back as I acquired for the collection a BSA Majestic in .243 win which has the BESA recoil reducer machined in the muzzle and the day I took it to try it out several of this group were there but with their stalking rifles. They didn't appreciate the side blast and complained loudly as it was was putting off their their zeroing

    They also didn't like the answer of like it or lump just as WE have too when your playing with your "tacticool" toys. However I have noticed that the brakes seem to be in less use now Unlike their "tacticool" jobbies the BESA cannot be removed although i do have the range adaptor to close it off. It's a sleeve which clamps over it secured behind the fore sight ramp.

    The reason quarry are unsure about the direction is the "Cone of Confusion" caused by Brakes and moderators. By re-directing or moderating the muzzle report the quarry only gets the supersonic crack of the bullet and cannot pin point it's origin so they don't know which way is SAFE to run in so they tend to mill about. I am trying to remember the wording of a lecture that I attended at the Imperial War Museum on this subject of Moderators and brakes and they effect and use. it was given by the late Andrew Hamlet who used to have articles on the Russian small arms published in Guns review and later worked for a company specialising is recoil reduction and sound moderation for the security and military. the biggest Sound Mode they built was for 120mm SP guns for the German army .

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    Just wondered, are they brakes one sees on the end of tank barrels? Would I be correct in assuming they are there to allow quicker target acquisition for a second shot?
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    Dan, catagorically there is no more noise produced by fitting a muzzle brake, there is a finite amount of noise and it is distributed differently through a muzzle brake. Not all brakes are created equally. I had the pleasure of using one on my 6.5 the other week and it tempted me to buy one. I will look for the link and edit it in.

    Having said that, they are a pain in the ear for anyone with you. They have to be the most anti-social piece of shooting equipment when shooting in company. Ear defenders out in the open, ear defenders with ear plugs in the range are a must. But they do cut down on weight carried and reduce muzzle flip significantly.

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