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Thread: Hi to all the members

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    Smile Hi to all the members

    I have been recreationaly stalking for about 10yrs, mainly Muntjac & occassional Fallow, I manage a healthy deer population on about 2500 acres in hertfordshire. Is it me or does it seem as though you never have enough time to go stalking!. My main passion is wildfowling and again there never seems enough time to go very often!. If anyone ever fancies swopping a bit of wildfowling for some Muntjac stalking, let me know.

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    Hi fenland 1 my name is paul and I live in devon I too share you for wildfolwing and stalking although I probaly swing more to stalking than wildfowling. However if you facny swapping a days wildfoling on the Ex & the teign (geese & ducks) I would love a crack at at munties as we dont have them down here yet. Let me know if you are interested all the best. Paul aka Lardy on the forum.

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    Welcome to the forum to both of you
    Saving ink


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    Myself and a few pals do wildfowling and boar over stubble located 60 km northwest from Berlin, Germany the pals always want to do some muntjac stalking. I have the UK certs for this end and one of the pals is a RFD in germany so a loaner rifle is possible and there"s no need to transport guns through airports. flight to Berlin are cheap.

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