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    Just to say hello to every one at the forum. I have been stalking deer for the past eight years in which time i have spent a small fortune enjoying my chosen sport. I would say, to coin a phrase that i truly have a passion for stalking. I stalk mainly roe in my area of south yorkshire where the population is quite high, but still come across the" We like to see them " factor from the two out of three farmers where i have permission to use my rifles. I shoot a Rem 700 in 30-06 with an 8 by 56 Zeiss fixed power scope, fitted with a Pes moderator. I also use this for foxing. I write the occasional article for Sporting Rifle magazine. This looks a great forum for all us like minded people. Its a pleasure to be hear.

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    welcome aboard mate.

    I also suffered with "i like to see them" scenario. it is much better now though!

    good rifle and calibre choice. 30-06 is great. I have one.


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    Welcome to the site, 30.06 very good calibre, will take care of most things running around. Hope you enjoy the site and look forward to reading your posts.

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    Welcome 3006,
    it's great to see so many new guys logging on here! Any chance of an article or two here mate? Where did you hear about us?
    kind regards,

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    Hi 3006 Spring,
    Welcome to the site....not much else to say really because this lot have already said it! I look forward to reading an article or two.

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    welcome to the club
    looks like we may hav to hav a 30-06 get together
    mines a brno fitted with a T8
    enjoy the site
    enjoy the fun

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