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Thread: Good evening from Bristol

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    Good evening from Bristol

    Hi all,

    I just thought that I would say hello. My name is Che and I live in Bristol.

    I am new to stalking although I have shot all my life. Currently finding it very secretive and protective - I guess for obvious reasons? The same old issue for us new people trying to obtain stalking. You have all probably heard this too many times to mention. But its worth asking I guess?

    I would welcome any help and advice on how to obtain stalking. Or how to find sydicates etc?

    I am really keen to get going and learn as much as I can.

    Thank you all


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    Keep asking Che, im new to stalking also but the guys on here are xelent. I have been lucky enough to have been invited twice already ( no luck on ether outing ) good experience for myself. And the guys are ive been with are salt of the earth.........


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    Thanks for the message Steve - fingers crossed then!



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