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Thread: A suprise but welcome visitor to my permission! a day in Dorset

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    A suprise but welcome visitor to my permission! a day in Dorset

    I had a day in Dorset on my permission over the weekend and decided for a early stalk arriving at 5.30am. I headed for a small grass valley surrounded by plantation that is being used as a rutting stand to try for a sika stag. I sat up in wait next to a small gorse bush and waited for the light to improve to see what was on offer, the stags were whistling all around me and the rut was in full swing. The first to appear was a sika hind with what seemed to be a calf behind her, but to my amazement as they came into the clearing the calf turned out to be a munty buck, i have never seen one in the wild before and never on my permission so dropped it with the .243 on the spot and was pleased as i never thought i would see one on this ground in Dorset, after being cleaned out i sat back down and after 10 mins a good 8 point stag appeared with some hinds and was heading for the cover at a fast pace so i gave a whistle which stopped it long enough for a broadside shot. This turned out to be a good stag weighing in at 142lb cleaned out. A good result for a couple of hours, i decided to return in the evening but to try a different spot in the high seat and just as the light was dissappearing i took a nice 6 pointer to finish the day off, still loads of activity with the rut so i will be returning this week for another go


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    What a great day you had, nice one mate


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    Well done, couple of nice Sika Stags. I will be down on my lease this coming week in Dorset, although I have never seen a Muntie in the area I do have a few Roe and a lot of Sika.



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    Great pictures, a very welcome addition for the stalker but not land owners in Dorest (nice if they stand to make cash from the stalking i suppose). Im sure alot of stalkers in the area will be ontop of the munties before they become a problem but if you seen one your going to see many more before to long. Cracking beasts to stalk and beautiful on the table. Enjoy. Great Sika!
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    Nice Muntjac....equally nice Sika. Well done you !

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    Well done on the Sika Stag's with out looking for a Flaming, WHY shoot the Munty???????? that could have been the ONLY male in your area!!!!!!!! could have been sussing your place out to move his family into????? NOT saying you have but that ONE shot could have stopped you and others from having Munty Stalking in the future

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    Sikamalc, ive never seen them across that far although there are reports from Wareham and Puddletown forest not far from me. Good luck this week as the rut is still on


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    Puddletown forest I know reasonably well. My fathers cousin used to stalk it some years back. Have you seen any sign of Boar near you, as I believe they are about 15 miles from my area.

    PM me if you want to meet up if you are down that way next week.



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    Simply told by the owner to cull any muntjac seen, if i left them to increase in numbers then surely i would be seen to not be doing my job properly

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    No signs of boar yet but have seen signs of them near Maiden Newton not far from us so fingers crossed i will be down for some of this week and next week, ill pm you the dates

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