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Thread: nosler partition loads

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    nosler partition loads

    hi all
    just picked up some 100 grain nosler partition heads today for my 243. i normally use 87grain vmax with n160 or varget but i am in need of something a little bit heavier ! has anyone got any pet loads for these powders and bullet combinations
    cheers smudge

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    I use these with 41grn of N160 and CCI large rifle primers and they are pretty good out of my Sako finnlights whip like 20" barrel - usual caveats on homeloading and safety apply

    Hope that helps.

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    cheers fabnosh
    that was the kind of figures i was thinking ! it just like any new load you look at the loading manuals and they all contadict each other ! so you never no where to start ! mines a sako 75

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    Hi Smudge,
    I dont use your powder, I use 38.6gns of H4350 which some way below max, This is to feed a Sako 75,

    The one thing I found all componants make a difference,primers,case type,oal etc, the most improvement thing i found was to ensure the cases are trimmed to exactly the same length and from of the same batch and make

    good luck



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    was talking to a stalkier mate tonight that thinks noslar partitions are a bad idea for 243 as they do not expand as much as you think due to lack of velocity !! any comments on this ??

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    Unlikely at normal ranges, partitions are perhaps famous for having a reasonably frangible front core, with the rear and jacket holding together nd penetrating.

    At least, this was my experience in the 30.06.

    I would go so far as to say that the partition is the most respected of the non-bonded or monometallic big game bullets that I have come across, though my own experience is megre every experienced hunter I have spoken to rates their reliabilty.

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    Is there not expanded bullet pictures at various fps on the Nosler site? I know there is with the Accubond...

    Looking at the Triple Shock (I know that's irrelevant), there's no way I'd feed these through my .243 at lower velocities, not much looks..

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    I have used a wide variety of 243 heads for Fallow, Sika and Red and the best results have been with RWS in factory ammo and without doubt 100g partitions in reloads.

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    Nosler 100g over 39.5g N160 produces 2838fps out of my bulk standard Tikka T3.

    Sierra 100g GK over 43.5g N160 produces 3032 from my Pierce action .243 with a very tight Match grade 24" Pac Nor.
    QL gives 49952psi but only 2832fps!!!!!!! 98.4% fill and 96.01% burn rate. Ballistic efficency is quoted at 23.77%. Having used these on roe, they work very well.

    Both give sub .5" groups.

    With the 87 V-Max 41.7g of N160 gives 3112fps and even better accuracy in the Pierce.

    All using CCI L/R primers, RWS brass seriously prepped.

    Have fun and stay safe.


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