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Thread: tooley custom 22-250 for sale

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    tooley custom 22-250 for sale

    For sale is my “Tooley Custom Rifles” 22-250, built by dave Tooley of North Carolina. Dave is renowned for his record braking benchrest rifles but also produced a number of sporter/varminting rifles. He no longer exports because of the paperwork necessary to get a rifle out of the USA, but occasionally his work comes up for sale. The rifle is devastatingly accurate (see load development picture), 39gn H380 set 16thou off gives a raggy hole at 100 yards, and that’s 5 shots – anything you put through it will give a sub 1/2 “ 3 shot group. The rifle was chambered for the tightest tolerance you can use factory ammo in, but homeloads are where you really get its full potential.

    Tooley custom rifles 22-250 rem with .252 neck
    25.5” hart stainless/fluted barrel, 5/8 unf threaded with end cap
    Blueprinted Remington 700 action and bolt, blackened, detachable magazine
    Jewel trigger and bolt release
    Talley 30mm rings and bases
    T8 moderator
    Dummy chamber cut with same reamer for seating depth inspection and shoulder measuring
    Macmillan A3 stock with adjustable cheekpiece – pillar and devcon bedded

    Scope, bipod and sling not included, RFD transfer at cost (about £15 I think)

    price is £1700 or £2700 with the nightforce nxs 5.5 - 22 x 56 np2dd (boxed with sunshade and papers)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    more pics

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    price drop to £1500 for rifle, scope has had a reprieve for the doe season.

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    forgot to mention its got a tacticool bolt knob!
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    hi,how many rounds has this rifle had through it and how old is it.cheers gary.

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    sale agreed

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