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    Norma Vulcan

    Any of you guys shoot the Norma Vulcan? I've shot it in 6.5X55 for a while, and find it excellent for both Red and Roe. Oddly, not a frequently stocked type of ammo..wonder why?

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    Doesn't suprise me, PKL. I've used the Alaska in .308 and been very pleased with the results. I imagine the Vulcan has better expansion and therefore probably much the better for roe in particular.

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    Norma Vulcan 180grn in 308 dia. Probably one of the "sexiest" looking bullets around; and very bad news for piggies.
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    This a Vulcan 9.3 232 grain taken from a large Red shot by my friend with a Sako 85 9.3x62 he had to down load it as the factory loads blew fist size holes
    in the shoulders of the first two deer he shot with it the shots were under 100 metres retained weight is 221 grains.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I was doing some further research on the Vulcan on a Swedish forum,,given Norma is seems they love the Vulcan and Oryx over there, and rate them both extremely highly for large game. However, the one point that really struck me, was that the Vulcan can behave a bit like a ballistic tip, if you strike bone - and therefore, it is not recommended if you take angled shots and have the risk of grazing a shoulder bone on entry. This could cause premature expansion and leave runners...on the other hand, for clean heart/lung shots, they're supposed to be excellent in dropping deer on the spot (which I have seen first hand many times)...just thought I'd add this info, for the sake of knowledge.

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