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Thread: Savage 93r17 btvs 17hmr

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    Savage 93r17 btvs 17hmr

    This model has the laminated thumb hole stock. Wondered what you thought of this model and questions over the magazine release and accutrigger?

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    What questions? The magazine release spring steel and tho a bit flimsy in appearance, is serviceable. The accutrigger is fine tho I've never seen it's benefits. If you adjust it below 1.5 pounds you run the risk of hang ups in the mechanism. The weak spot for me with Savages has always been the extractor. Seems like they used to break them every so often. I haven't heard of any problems recently.

    What Savage does have in their favor is accuracy. They are a very accurate rifle. I tested the 22LR model of this rifle today and it was very accurate indeed. I have the 22WMR Striker handgun and it will shoot 1" at 100M from it's ten-inch barrel.

    Savages are inexpensive here in the States. If I was paying anything comparable to the price of a CZ I would go with the CZ in a heartbeat.~Muir

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    I have one of these with thumbhole laminate stock and yes the magazine release is not as smooth as it might be, likewise putting the magazine in can be fiddly. Acu trigger is fine although like Muir I don't really see the point. On the plus side the rifle is extremely accurate and mine loves 17grn Hornady V max. It quite happily shoots 1/2" 5 shot groups, sometimes better, on a still day at 100 yards even with me behind it.

    All things considered I love mine and won't be getting rid of it.



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    hated mine, bloody thing grouped like a monkey flinging poo. P/Xed it and got a CZ pronto. Funnily enough one of the other keepers on the estate had one of about the same age and he had exactly the same problem.

    Now the new CZ thumbhole looks tasty

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    Lovely looking rifle. Did think about getting one myself but couldnt find a good used one at the right price.

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