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    Remington 700 .308


    As you may know, im swapping calibres! Im changing from the trusty .308 to 7mm08.

    Ive had this .308 for over a year and know its history, its had around 300 rounds through it since new and also has had the barrel shortened from 26'' to 22''. The reason being is that with a P8 on the end of a 26'' barrel, it touches the ground! It was shortened, rethreaded with 1/2 UNF and an 11 degree crown put on by Steve Kershaw earlier this year.

    Now I used the rifle with a HS Precision stock which effectively makes it a R700PSS opposed to a R700SPS(V). I am selling the rifle in the original stock as a R700SPS(V) but if required then i would sell the HS stock with it. The other thing i would do is sell the HS stock separately.

    The rifle is in excellent condition and is accurate. After a minor moderator faff (faulty mod) it shot consistently MOA.

    450 ONO for rifle WITHOUT HS Stock or 650 ONO with the stock.

    I also have reloading dies, brass and a new box of 150gn SSTs and a bag of 168gn HPBTs (pulled from PRVI ammo). If this is required, we could come to an arrangement.

    Pictures via email.
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