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    New Introduction

    My name is Mark and I live in West Sussex. I have been shooting with shotguns since I was about 12 (31 years ago) and these days spending too much of my hard earned cash feeding that habit. I am quite handy with an air rifle but proper rifle experience has been limited since I left school back in the mid '80s.

    Am fortunate to have enough land to have a serious bunny / fox / roe deer problem and now going through the motions to get my FAC, with the intention of getting myself a .22 and a .243 for the aforementioned food sources & vermin. Have booked my DSC1 for next Feb and keen to learn more from the wise folk who use this forum.


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    Hi Mark , Welcome to the forum, You will enjoy your time on here ,lots of good folk and lots of info available.
    Where abouts are you in Wsx I,m just south of Chichester myself.
    Feo's in West Sussex are very variable, mine is a top bloke but I know some people have struggled with others sadly.

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    I am Mid Sussex, a few miles from Haywards Heath. Fortunate with mine, he is a very good fellow, calm and sensible and always constructive. Certainly never had any shotgun issues and in conversations to date has been helpful with regards to FAC. Watch this space I guess...

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