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Thread: Lightforce Blitz problems

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    Lightforce Blitz problems

    Hi Folks, my light force blitz has started blowing fuses for a past time, the plug get so hot it melts the end of the fuse cap after a few minutes. It is only a year old, I have sent it back to Ruag once when a few weeks old as the switch had died. Have emailed Ruag but have had no answer. The problem is that it is a sealed unit or I would simply rewire. Do you have to drill out the rivets in order to take apart and what about the switch, as that seems set in the solid hand piece. Bargain at 100 or so.

    Cheers in advance


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    the wireing on these is *****. to take apart you can drill the rivets near the bulb and pull the wires through. i soldered all the dry joints then doubled them over and cable tied to stop them pulling apart. i have the original switch on the lamp but am omn to my second switch on the roof mounted handle. i got new switch from maplins for a couple of quid. also revired with heavier duty straight stuff and binned that brittle coiled stuff. when the work they are good but i agree for the bucks they should be better.

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    Hi Pete

    I had problems with my lightforce lamp which I returned to Target Sports. It was then sent to Light force Uk who did a terrible repair job on it and cut the wires so small I couldnt use it for shooting safely as it keep fouling the trigger. Called lightforce and they told me I was lucky they repaired the lamp as it was a 'grey import' as they put it....they said they put secret marks on the lamps so they know this....hmmmmm. I sent it back to them and to be fair they put a variable swith on it, trouble was it was pants. I then went to the shops, got some auto electrical wire, a decent fuse holder and a switch an inline switch of an old bedside light. The result is a lamp better than the crap they sell. Oh and there switches are molded so once craked open they are useless.


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