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    entrys on fac

    just joined a rifle club to keep me busy on sundays and to practise shooting in a controled environment and had my first go with a .38 special.

    i am about to put in a variation in for more bullets for my 243 and i want another 22 and while im writting a chque out for 26 pounds i mite aswell make the most of it and put in for a 38 or 357. the bit that is troubling me is which calaibre to go for if he only lets me have 1 and the correct way of writing it on the form?

    if any one knows or has any ideas much welcome


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    I think they tend to call them .38/.357; certainly, that's what mine is called on my FAC.
    I think actually all the modern ones are technically .357Mag, but they are designated .38/.357 on FACs because you can use both flavours of ammuntion, and thereby you get permission to buy/own both kinds.

    So I guess the answer is 'one .38"/.357" rifle' and ammunition to match. I have buy/hold 200/250 of .38/.357

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    I take it that you are talking about shooting lever action rifles in pistol calibres?
    If so , i have had 2 different makes , a Rossi and a Marlin which were capable of chambering / shooting both the closely related .38 special / 357 magnum rounds
    As such i had a slot to aquire a .38 / 357 rifle and have .38 and 357 ammunition on my ticket for the same rifle ,hth.

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    This one looks like it may suit, Deer legal, Boar and underlever !!

    Sorry I just remembered reading it when I was thinking of buying a Marlin.

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    I have a . 444 marlin for deer and for boar with full power loads and shoot it on the clubs indoor 25 m range with down loads lead or fmj bullets.Great fun at the range when the bench rest .22 shooters have set up and i walk in to the range with the .444. The bang of 20 grs of 2400 and a 240gr rnfp bullet going off helps them to develop a flinch .
    I also have a 38/357 ul on my Fac as well.Get a Marlin and not Winchester under lever as the are a lot more reliable to use .

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