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Thread: Selling up!

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    Selling up!

    Long story short I'm off to Australia so all the rifles/shotguns and kit have to go!
    I'm working on pictures but my internet is disgustingly slow- for now if theres any interest I can email pics.
    I have ok'd selling all my stuff with admin.

    Up first rifles- all these have just been in the shop for a check up to make sure they are worth selling, none of them are fancy rifles just old fashioned guns that put bullets where you want them to. Ideally face to face sales but I'd send via rfd at your cost- could probably arrange to test fire depending on where I am. I'll throw in any rounds I have left spare as well.

    .270 parker hale, with a brand new tasco 3-9x40, threaded to 1/2x20 unf, and rubber recoil pad fitted. a few dings in it but no major damage. 5 shot floor plate magazine Has claimed many deer and shoots around an inch at 150 yds.- 300

    .222 bsa cf2, with another tasco 3-12x50 scope on it- this rifle is fairly tatty hence the price, the blueing has seen better days and could do with re-doing and the stock is fairely dulled down, not screwcut as I was going to put original sights back on it(about 40 for the iron sights I think). again 5 shot floor plate magazine. This has been my foxing rifle and done a great job for an old rifle.- 200

    .17hmr marlin 917, with hawke 3-12x50 IR scope, still in good condition say 8/10, as with all my rifles its out on a nearly daily basis so has a few minor scrapes and bumps. 7 shot detachable magazine. great rifle for the rabbits and very accurate, I've had a 5 round group touching at 100yds and I'm not the worlds greatest shot.-350

    Ase ultra northstar mod in .30 cal, threaded 1/2x20 unf bought new and never really liked it so fired maybe 30 shots for zeroing. 200

    Shotguns now all 12g

    Magtech 3 shot pump action 28 inch barrells full choke recently bought from gardeners guns, a great shotgun for fox will take 3" shells so would make a good goose gun as well. Has a patch of bare metal near the trigger where the gunsmith decided to get creative with his welder, apart from that a very tidy gun.- 150

    Baikal sbs- pretty tatty old gun kicks about in the back of the landrover most of the time but still in good working order, action is still very tight 26" barrells both full choke non ejector. -70

    Franchi Falconette- a bit of a nicer O/U gun with a recoil pad on it to help it fit me better. 26" barrells as well ejector. I have no idea of the value of this I paid 300 so I'll ask around 200


    Lightforce scope mounted lamp used a couple of times, still have the box 70 posted-sold

    8 ah lithium ion battery, again barely used chraged once or twice I think, still have the box for this too and haven't filled out the warranty card. 90 posted-sold

    Harris bipod 6-9 inch non swivel non notched legs- 20 posted-sold

    Swanndri bush shirt size xl orignal made in new zealand not china in near pristine condition- washed it when I got it but never wore it. To give you an idea of the size I'm 6ft 3 and 15 stone and it fits like a glove -80 posted

    Swanndri ranger shirt size xl, has been zip corded at the bottom( by a professional tailor) to keep draughts out again washed but worn a couple of times as to be honest I hate the thing. 50 posted- sold

    Leupold m8 6x42- good glass not quite up to s and b and the likes but pretty close! a few years old maybe 7/10 for condition 130

    Probably more kit to come, again sorrry for the lack of photos I am working on it- If you think prices are unfair let me know- I'm in no rush to sell any of this at the moment if you're interested let me know via p.m, I'm not fussy when it comes to payment, bank transfer, cash, cheque, paypal are all fine. Sorry if I take a while to reply I'm very busy at the moment and crap at working the p.m system.
    Thanks for looking.
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    can i grab that bipod off you please. will send you a pm

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    I will have the 8 ah lithium ion battery. Have sent PM

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    you any more bipods pal if so i will have one

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    What part of Aus are you heading too?

    I ask as if you are interested in a swap for the 270,you could bring it with you and I would do you a Sambar deer hunt trade..a quick way of getting into sambar in Victoria.

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    Ross, I'll take the Swanni Ranger shirt if its green and still available please. JC

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    Roughly where are you located for a face to face on one of the weapons?

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    I'm either in Perthshire or near carlisle or can meet anywhere in betweeen or travel within reason.

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    Cheques in the post for the Swanni Ranger. Thats a good price for the Leupold 6x42, someone will snap that up, hopefully before I convince myself that I 'need' it! JC

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