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Thread: Interesting little experiment... stock swop

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    Interesting little experiment... stock swop

    Some may recall the recent acquisition of the cheap BSA majestic with the slim stock and the messed with barrel channel. Well the other evening whilst looking at it I got to thinking about trying the rifle in the empty Monarch stock would it fit and how well. So it was tried and although the inletting would need to be deepened for a permanent fitting the action fitted surprisingly well.

    The barrel was not free floated but neither did it have enough pressure at the fore stock bedding point to make it work so the card shim was employed again for now and everything seems nice and true and tight.

    The final piece in the experiment was changing the P-H alloy RAHS 4 rings to a pair of 26mm steel Hilvers under the Tasco label to fit the BSA dovetails acquired off e-bay. The bug was that the Hilver/Tasco rings did not have the recoil stop fitted so I had to fabricate one and drill the rear ring. The one made is similar is design to the ones in the P-H alloy rings and retained the same way by the tightening stud so can be removed if needed.

    The collimeter was used and a reading taken and the scope set up to this in the new rings it was then out back to see how close I had got it.

    1" low left at 55 paces was the answer.

    The scope was then lifted off that rifle and placed on the newly acquired Majestic now sitting in the Monarch stock and that too was shot to see :-

    1) how close the sight setting would be ( dead on windage but shot 6" high)

    2) if the new hand load would work in both rifles (yes it does )

    3) if the unmolested bedding in the Monarch stock would improve the precision of the rifle ( yes it did group size shrank by more than half so the barrel seems to be fine and does not need replacing )

    The result is that I am seriously thinking of having the Majestic fitted into the Monarch stock and bedded correctly and as the Monarch is having a 7mm CF2 barrel which has a heavier chamber area and so requires wood removal and some previous ham fisted owner messed the barrel channel up it seems like a reasonable fix.

    However until I can take the stock and action over and screw the barrel on hand tight and see how much wood needs to be removed the final decision will have to wait until this can be done and a set of 30mm Hilver steel rings will have to be acquired to fit the BSA dovetails......................................... ...... OR if I can acquire a nice 4x or 6x scope with good optics with 1" tube then a set of Hilver CZ rings will be modified to fit.. Now nice Pecar Champion, Lisenfeld of even Hakko would do. Just have to find one at the right price = Cheap.

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    Ok this is the target from the little experiment:-

    With the Monarch stock fitted properly to the majestic metal work it should shoot well. Oh I only fired 5 shots the hole at the top is from sighting in something else some time back Remember this was only at 55 paces .

    Oh yes shot#1 was the one low left cutting the vertical line, shot #2 was the low right and the last three made the cloverleaf.

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    When I started my stock production I put the first four stocks on my
    howa one after the other. The POI changed not more than 1/4" between the stocks.
    Although they had a bit of weight difference. Maybe you should start free floating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejg View Post
    When I started my stock production I put the first four stocks on my
    howa one after the other. The POI changed not more than 1/4" between the stocks.
    Although they had a bit of weight difference. Maybe you should start free floating.
    Now why would I really want to do that? the stock is off a different model BSA and the rifles were made about a decade apart from one another. The Monarch action won't sit into the majestic stock without some relief cuts due to the different trigger mech. As I have said before I have no interest in plastic stocks what so ever. they feel bloody awful and cold and even those which cost a small fortune feel cheap to me. Nope I'll stick with nice warm wood it has worked since bang sticks were invented and will last me out quite comfortably

    In fact I can safely say I wouldn't have one as a gift

    Oh I wouldn't have to be messing with the stocks at all but for an idiot previous owner who swallowed the "free floating mantra" when in fact the barrel just needed a proper cleaning now I have to repair the mess they made of it.

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