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Thread: Surefire Torches

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    Surefire Torches

    I've seen one of these torches in action and was very impressed. It was very bright and could've been used for lamping. However, I didn't find out what sort it was.

    There are loads on Fleabay and I've bid on a couple, but they seem to go for silly money. There also seem to be loads of copies.

    Does anyone know their way around the Surefire range and if so, can you make a recommendation for one of the cheaper ones that I can use for general work and a bit of occasional lamping (for foxes on way back to the car etc.). There seem to be loads, some six volt, some twelve. I've seen one that looked like a light sabre, but it was over a ton, which is too much for me to spend on a torch.

    I'd be very grateful for any advice.


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    The G2 Nitrolon are the cheapest but still very good, wish I could afford the E2D very nice.
    In my opinion these are almost as good and cheap!


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    You might like to consider this package, I've got one and I'm very pleased with it. 160 lumens Cree 3W LED.

    ps. I've no commercial interest in offering this information.

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    i had an old Surefire 6P with a standard filiment bulb i changed the bulb and shroud set up to a LED (e bay 7) and had a 270 lumen torch that is very bright for its size .

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    Check out this thread

    The HK cheap-as-chips one that I bought from eBlag is going strong and I can't fault it. Some other recommendations on the thread as well.

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    I have a 'trustfire' 900lumens that cost about 30 with charger and two batteries. Good to about 150yds.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    I managed to pick up something similar from ebay, it was a package that included a charger, 2 Li-ion 18650 batteries and the torch and cost 20 all in. The torch itself is very well made and if it had some recognised brand written on the side, it would have cost several times more!

    Having said that, the electronics seem to be a bit dodgy in that there's a power saving mode that kicks in far too early, but for the price I'm not bothered, I'll probably buy another one from China for 5-10 now that I've got the batteries and charger.

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    3 golden rules i found out when researching , for weeks . 'ALL' these lamps is

    1- Dont trust the lumens , as bigger lumen , does not mean more light ( the chineeses boast 320 lumen maybe 190 etc )
    2- Dont think for a moment 120 uk lamp is any better than a chineese 20 lamp !! (they are the same, with out all the extra uk slapped on )
    3- Dont think you can lamp with them, there great for spotting,upto 200yds & saves the cluson. But you cannot identify your target after 70 yds !!

    If you wish to know which is the best, with quality & a full recharge kit to boot, pocket...yes pocket torch, (better than cluson 500,000 c/p & futher than you can shoot in the dark capabilities ) PM .
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    Thanks for the replies - really helpful.

    There is a Surefire at a reduced price in my local gun shop. However, having read the replies I think I'll take a punt on an oriental version off Ebay. It sounds like they all do much the same job.

    Thanks for your help with it.



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