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Thread: Selling a Land Rover

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    Selling a Land Rover

    I mentioned on the Small 4x4 thread that I am getting rid of my trusty Land Rover, but I am having trouble valuing it. It is a 1989 2.5TD 90 that has come to the end of its MOT.

    I know it would fail on having a knackered exhaust, front indicator (the housing and wiring, not the bulb) and smashed wing mirror, so I thought I would sell it to a local landie garage to fix up and sell, rather than go through the agro of doing it myself. So I took it in and they offered me 1k to take it there and then. They seemed to think there were likely other issues that the MOT would flag up, including possible bulkhead corrosion.

    This seems mighty low to me, but I am so busy at the moment I am tempted to snap their hand off, get something new and be done with it. Dothose of you with Landie experience think this sounds about right?

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    Who can tell without giving the wagon the 'once over'?

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    Bite their hand off unless it has a replacement chassis. Having had old landrovers unless you are prepared to do a lot of donkey work the bill would soon overtake the value. Otherwise put it on fleabay with a very honest description you may squeeze another couple of hundred,

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    Howdy mate, sounds like a reasonable offer from them,sounds like the bulkhead "work" is probably a ruse to knock you down a bit, with a test on it and running well they might squeeze 1800_2000 but so might you if you do the work, bits are cheap as you probably know,and if thats all it wants for a test id do it and sell privately,becouse it has a separate chassis the bulkhead wont fail it on a test even if its got a hole in it,the same as a hole in the floor,good luck whatever you decide but if you really cant be arsed try and squeeze a bit more from them and let it go. cheers


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    Have quite a bit of knowledge as far as older landies are concerned. Unless this older motor has been given lots of TLC particularly as regards rust I would grab the grand in the hand and run. Chassis, bulkhead, rear cross member etc etc can all be replaced but at a lot of cost unless you are prepared/can do the work yourself. Even at that the parts would over run the value of the motor.

    If this landy does have a good (excellent) chassis and bulkhead and if you can get an MOT only by repairing the list as you state you MAY get a bit more but that would really come down to the general condition of the vehicle.

    Stripping and selling parts could again get you a bit more cash but is it worth the hassle.

    Just read Hornet's post - An excessively corroded bulkhead or floor will most definitely be a fail despite the vehicle having a chassis. It is also a construction and use offence under all parts and accessories.
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