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Thread: What dogs are you using?

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    What dogs are you using?

    I thought it may be interesting to find out what dogs you're using and their strengths/weaknesses.

    I mainly use a Chesapeake Bay retriever for my wildfowling and rough shooting.

    I bought a border terrier with the intention of training him for deer tracking but he's actually being outclassed by a rescue Chesapeake bitch that i recently took in. She has a phenominal nose, is soft natured and quiet (doesn't whine, whimper, etc) Time will tell how successful i am at training her.

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    How old is the border ?

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    I use a lab for tracking to be honest he is a good lad, he can be a little to independant for my liking but I beleive that is suposed to be a good trait in a deer dog!

    I have only once had to use him and it was on this little scab here about this time last year It was shot through the heart and what was left of the heart was sticking out of the exit wound. It stil managed to run 90m it went down hill towards watter then turned and went back up after the visable blood trail ran out the dog went straight to him in heavy foliage in less than 60 seconds.



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    well this could be an interesting post
    i will try and get pics of mine and the O/H dogs all in one pic if the wide angle lense is wide enough
    just for a start does any one out there hav a print from the labrador man well known artist nigel hemming the print is called 'keepers finders' and a picture of to black labs released last year limited edition of 30
    if you do please let me know

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    that is not a chesapeake dog, that is a grizzly bear!

    I am working on training my jack russel. he is a little t***. he will sit in my jeep until i make the shot and need him!

    I have used my wildfowling dog a lab, in the past and she is ok. really for the short distance stuff she didn't need any training. she found deer quickly and easily.


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    Patterdale.....Sorry for cheesey photo!
    Sadly most of my shooting is from seats, and therefor not many deer go missing, but he always has a go at finding them in the car to keep him interested. On walks he will let me know deer are present well before I can see them. But he is by no stretch of the imagination a stalking dog, but has found dead deer in ditches/undergrowth.

    He is in the back!!

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    He's still a pup, but he's a hard headed little bugger!

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    here is my dog

    he hunts rats and hoovers

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