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Thread: My first stag

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    My first stag

    I shot my first red stag a few weeks ago, an 8 pointer and I thought I would share some photo's on here.

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    well done buddy, hes a beaut.

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    That's a poxy little beggar......

    Only joking Brent
    Good to see you are still doing well
    top marks son

    nice first beast

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    Congratulations on your first stag Something to cherish there.


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    Nice stag Brent looks a cracker for a first.


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    Very nice stag,well done Brent

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    first stag

    well done brent nice beast
    atb tom

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    Well done Brent Nice lad and how far did you have to drag him

    atb smithy

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    well done, nice looking animal

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    Did you shoot him from the kitchen window or the bedroom window?

    Seriously though well done on a great stag, if that is your house it looks like you live somewhere very nice indeed. I wish you a very many more and that they all run to beside your car before dropping.

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