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Thread: expander ball for redding 308 die

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    expander ball for redding 308 die

    damaged the expander on my die. contacted my local reloading shop and they say you have to replace the insert and ball, fine but they wont get it for awhile. anyone know where i can get one reasonably promptly?

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    Hi Pete what you need is a Redding carbide expander ball kit, You can get them from Sinclair in the States I have them in all my Redding dies don't need any lube, I wouldn't bother with the local agent they are only interested in selling what is on their shelves,
    This is the site you want.

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    Best thing to do is grind the thing off, expander ball is of no value other than overworking your brass.

    The cse mouth is already expanded on firing, all that is needed is resize to accept reloaded bullet.

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