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Thread: Smock vs. Jacket

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    Smock vs. Jacket

    What are the (dis)advantages of a smock compared to a jacket? I very much like the waterproof lighweight field smock from country covers, but always had the idea that a smock is less comfortable than a jacket. You can always open a jacket when walking uphill and getting pretty warm. A smock is always closed and the heat stays inside.

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    Hi Hales

    I have the Country Cover Jacket, like you I wanted the jacket because you can keep yourself cooler if you have a big hill to tab up or a red to drag out, the down side with this jacket is that in very heavy rain the zip lets water though, it is not a big problem and is only in real heavy stuff mind.



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    Depend as said, take a soaking wet smock off, poss uncomfertable. As to unzip a jacket

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    I have the Country Covers smock that you mention and am very pleased with it. However, I bought is as a lightweight waterproof for spring / summer. It stuffs down into a small space and is very handy in a down pour. I've worn it to fish in and the cuffs make a good seal.

    It's a light weight garment and I think its downfall for all day / winter use could be the lack of ventillation and also lack of pockets. A jacket would probably be better in such circumstances.



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    Horses for courses.

    The smock is very much a continental thing where alot of the hunting is done in drier weather and in a forestry setting, not in torrential rain and hiking up a hill all day!
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Country covers call theit zip up jackets smocks, they are not the true over the head type far as i am aware they do not make an over the head smock.


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    I think Country Covers introduced the "The Waterproof Field Smock" earlier this year. I got mine from the Keepers Fair at Catton. Link is attached

    It is an over the head design, with a zip and flap with poppers. The zip comes down to about chest level on me.



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    I have been wearing pull over type smocks for about 10 years now, originally I wanted a light weight summer waterproof.
    I now wear them all year round, and will continue to do so, even although I still have a couple of good jackets.
    The only point the jacket wins on is ventilation, for everything else the smock wins hands down.


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