I am advertising this on behalf of a friend who hasn't got access to the internet.

It has only been used for foxing and just shoots remington accu-tip 50-55gr bullets (these are very accurate in this gun), so no hot homeloads, etc!
It is only just over 2 years old and just fired 150 shots from new!
He has just got himself a very nice 22-250 at a bargin price, so there is no need for two rifles that do the same job.
This is an ideal carry rifle for lamping, sitting out or now stalking, etc.

1" medium mounts
5 shot mag + 1 in the chamber.
Trigger has been adjusted by a smith down to 2.5lb and breaks very cleanly, i.e. no creep.
Stock is a nice piece of wood and there is very little sign of use.
No marks on the barrel and the whole gun is really well looked after because the owner is very careful with all of his rifles.


400 face to face or RFD transfer at 25.

Either reply on here or pm me. Any questions just ask.

Thanks NF