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Thread: Feet in the White Stuff!

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    Feet in the White Stuff!

    Just come in for a coffee having spent the morning cutting timber with my feet in snow...anyone else got it yet?

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    Blue skies, sunshine and around 8 degrees this morning in hampshire.

    A little frost to start the day but that was it.

    Oh to have been up and out at day break this morning after another Roe!


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    -2 here at 8.00am.

    Had to defrost the car to take the kids to school.

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    My Pheasants didnt know what was going on this morning ! lol
    Its nearly all gone ,just a wet mess now .

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    Suns out and its lovely in Aberdeen now, it was snowing this morning though.

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    Snow down to 2000ft, more forecast tonight.
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    yep got caught in it this morn as i was out on the hill,i pulled under a good spruce tree to shelter for an hour to let shower pass,it was white all over at 1300ft

    had the long johns on and well wrapped up but was still cold,im not 2 far away from you on the east side,dingwall,its always worse for snow here,

    you guys out west have the sweltering gulf stream he he,it would be bonny their 2day,

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    It keeps on snowing here, about 4 miles West of Bonar Bridge, but it is not laying we are just too low, the hills opposite have a covering though. I went to Dingwall yesterday and saw it on the Ben as I was sitting at the traffic lights on the A9, it should be gone by March though

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    A clear day here with a clold wind, cars with slight frost this morning, just in from taking the dogs out and its zero.


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    No snow here but -4C this morning. The dogs were thoroughly disgusted.

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