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Thread: Two Braw Stags

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    Smile Two Braw Stags

    It's the last week of the stag season, there is agood west wind blowing ideal for stalking all the way out from the farmhouse so off we go.We had travelled about a half mile when we spotted a group of five reds over to our right across the burn. Ther was no stag in attendance so we stalked past and left them undisturbed they were quite happy grazing away. We then saw a roe doe up to our left among the bushes she was not so happy with our presence and scarpered. We had not heard any roaring or seen anything else other some forestry workers well to our right just over the march so we decided to head up to our left to keep downwind of anything emerging from the wood which is our march.We had stalked about five hundred yards when we spyed a group of about fifteen deer. Which were out of the woods and grazing happily on our ground. We could not see a stag with them but were confident there would be one with a group this size. After dropping back into some dead ground we managed to creep and crawl until we reached the wall at the forestry edge. When we got behind the wall we immediately saw a hind emerge from the woods leaving us rather exposed. We held back and until it crossed the wall and joined the herd. We inched forward another couple of hinds and calves came out each time we froze until the danger passed. Then out came the laird himself jumped the wall joined the group then the roaring started. Another couple of hinds and calves came out then two young staggies the group must now be about 25-30 We kept inching our way forward when a roe doe and kid appeared from the wood the were only about thirty yards from us and not so keen to go out in the open. We watched and waited for what seemed an eternity. Then with time marching (daylight left limited) we decided to pop up and take a look. There were two big stags one at 100 yards and one at 150 yards among the hinds. Right let's go for it Paul left Jim right, good lean on the wall have you got a shot yes no both yes on three bang bang is yours down? yes both down two dead stags. Paul's an eleven pointer mine a ten pointer. Paul's was the holding stag gralloched with an empty belly mine had been standing on the edges and appeared to be run with a full belly. Anyway not much more light left so lets get the bike and get the beasts to the larder. Walking back to get the bike the light is fading fast. So new plan, lets leave them til the morning, much easier and safer in daylight. A pint of ice cold tennents lager awaits me!

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    Nice write up Taystalker, felt I was there with you. Will you be out after the hinds this coming week? ATB Rich

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    Nice end to the season Taystalker, plenty going on good write up, cold weather and frozen fingers after hinds next,


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    Sure will be, I don't miss many weeks

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    So I've heard. Your a lucky guy Taystalker. Cheers Rich

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    Great stalk Taystalker.Really enjoyed it !

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    Two Braw Stags ............

    Got to be the heading of the year ? lolol

    Dont even have to read the story ! The heading says it all !

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    Simultaneous shot, good work! I like it when a plan comes together

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