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    New Member ~ New Stalker

    Evening to all, just got signed up on the directory after looking around at some length... I'm from Hertfordshire and have only been stalking seriously for about 9 months. Hopefully I can pick up a few tips and advice from the forum.

    I've been shooting for about 10 years (at a tender 25 years that seems a long time!) and have mainly been a shotgunner through that time but have had an FAC for just over 5 years (just renewed). I have had a .22lr for that time for vermin and a .243 for about 3 years but only used it for foxing until recently (a CZ 452 varmint and CZ 550 American). I do a fair bit of game shooting / pigeon / rough shooting etc, run a little game shoot with a friend and shoot more clays than is good for me! I have a collection of Beretta's to do all that with.

    I had my first introduction to stalking from my 'grand master' last year and have been out as much as I can since with him and others. So far i've managed to put my first Roe doe's and Fallow Bucks in the bag . I'm absolutely hooked! I've been and bought my Swarovski bino's (do they make a difference!) and a fair bit of other basic stuff and am collecting all the gear together. Hopefully I can get my DSC 1 done this summer and keep on picking up a few deer along the way....


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    Hi Wingers and welcome to the site mate. A very interesting first post, I think you will find that you will fit in just right on here. It really is good to see so many new members.

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    hello mate, welcome aboard.


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    Hello wingers, welcome in mate


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    Hi Wingers, welcome to the site. With so many new members joining this site is now really going from strength to strength. Look forward to reading your posts.



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    Re: New Member ~ New Stalker

    Hello there winger and welcome to the site.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wingers243
    bought my Swarovski bino's (do they make a difference!)
    They certainly do mate. This peice of kit is one of the more important bits to have when stalking.


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