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Thread: 5 Year old GSD

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    5 Year old GSD

    Hi folks

    It looks like I may be taking on an ex MOD German Shepherd Dog. Long story short my eldest daughters boyfriend is a MOD plod and is this dogs handler.

    The shame of it is he is a cracking dog in many respects but for some reason best known only to himself he has a massive fear of shiny slippery floors when working, wierdly he is fine on them away from work training excercises.

    If he doesnt shape up in the next few weeks then its back to the Army and Im told its likely he will be put down, apparently the Army wont let anyone other than a handler take them due to the training in restraint they receive and if he is no good to MOD police he is no good to the army.

    I cant stand to see a healthy 5 year old dog put down, so will take him on if thats his only option. (The handler will tell MODs he is taking him)

    So given that has no fear of guns (well MP7s and handguns anyway) would 5 years old be too old to train him up a a deer dog? Im thinking it should just be an extention of the seeking work he is already doing but Id be gratefull from input from those more experianced than me (pretty much everyone!)

    Thanks D

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    As long as you don't get yourself or the handler into trouble then I think that it is great that you are willing to take him on. How it works out will all depend on the bond that forms between you and the dog. I hate to see a healthy dog destroyed, in my opinion, the only reason that this is ever acceptable is when a dog shows uncontrolable aggression to people. Good luck with it. JC

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    A difficult one this as I can understand your feelings regarding the dog but I would be careful. Dogs that have been trained in restraint or attack have been trained using different triggers to respond. Unless you are very much aware of how this dog has been trained and you are in a position to deal with that, this type of dog can be a danger. MOD dogs are trained as patrol/guarding dogs. That is exactly why the army would have this dog destroyed rather than it be given to somebody as a pet. This is doubly so in your case because if this dog restrained/attacked the wrong person and it came out that your daughters boyfriend had told porkies................

    A GSD at 5 is not too old to learn "new tricks" Shepherds make good tracking dogs and have found their niche as a dual purpose tracker/man stopper with the Police/MOD/Army. I can see no reason why a 5 year old shepherd cannot be trained as a deer dog but I would give very serious consideration to my first paragraph.

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    Would tend to agree with Gazza. Having worked with MOD dogs it may not work as a deer dog. The dogs were all close quarter, lead handled. Now you send the dog off lead to track a wounded deer. What is to say how it would react to finding someone in the wood and that person goes defensive at an approach from an GSD. While sympathising with the dog I would say stay clear. The bond between S_IN_L may be strong but to buck the system is to invite trouble.

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    Ok taken that onboard chaps, and you are correct I let my frustration at a potentialy young dog been destroyed cloud my judgement somewhat, I shall review my position based on that and keep you informed.

    Thank you

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    take the dog,even if you don't train it up as a deer dog,i don't think you will regret it,he'll be part of the family before you know whats going on,and best pal in the world!!atb

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    It is hard to see the reason why when you know the dog first hand. But honestly this process is done for a reason and that reason is due to the uncertainty of the dog’s behavior once under domestic ownership and out of daily trainning. From my time in the forces I am aware that these dogs have to requalify every so often and have to be able to stop an attack on the first command. What if the dog retains this behaviour but losses the respect of your command? What if it was a children playing in the woods? If you get caught out too the disciplinary action for the plod would be substantial to say the least.



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    Be careful, i know of a gsd that was rehomed to one of its handlers and in a same position as yourself, the dog was being cared for by the handlers parents, he settled for a while until a few months passed and it all went pear shaped, cut a long story short, a bad attack and the dog had to be destroyed, just be careful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakaras View Post

    I cant stand to see a healthy 5 year old dog put down, so will take him on if thats his only option. (The handler will tell MODs he is taking him)
    You'de be a bloody idiot and i only hope that if the dog doesn't shape up, you and the handler come to your senses and let it be destroyed. You obviously have no idea of how these dogs are trained and how they are used - they're not even as manageable as ex-police dogs.
    I worked with such dogs and their handlers for some time when in the Army. It takes a particularly trained handler to work and control such a dog - i dread to think what would happen if owned by an inexperienced handler and in a regular civilian environment. Could you really live with your conscious if the dog chased and then savaged a child who inadvertently triggered its chase reflex by running and screaming before struggling when the dog clamps on?
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    I am a retire Police officer and had a bit to do with Police dogs. My advice to you would be to steer well clear, we used to have dogs given to us by the public because they were not suitable as pets, mainly because they were aggressive and unreliable, if they were too unreliable for us we would give them to the Army. As has already been pointed out it is not just the dogs that are trained, the handlers are trained. These dogs are past the pet stage, they need exercise, and training to prevent them becoming bored, they are through no fault of their own a bomb waiting to have it's fuse lit. It really is best for all concerned if you pass on the opportunity, the proposed course of action by the Army is in place for a reason.

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