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Thread: Genuine Tikka Mounts

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    Genuine Tikka Mounts

    Gents............I have for sale a pair of genuine Tikka scope mounts in 30mm for sale.
    I have just taken them off my T3 Hunter when replacing my scope.

    They will fit up to a 50 objective and are of low/med fitment.

    The are unmarked good condition.




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    Are they blued or stainless? Seperate rings/bases or a one piece ringmount? 'Optilock' type (with plastic inserts,or an earlier style?

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    hi cadex 100 would that be the posted cost and how would you like payment
    regards bally

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    Hi guys,

    They are blued, not a mark on them. They are the one piece ringmount with the plastic insert.

    No sure what the postage would be Bally but i'm sure just a few quid max.

    38.00 posted mate.

    I dont mind what form the funds come in mate.
    If you want them drop me a PM and I shall give you my details etc.

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    hello guys
    i have a set of opti locks 30mm for a t3 if any one else is interested they are blued 30mm low for the same price pm me if you miss cadex100 set

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    If they are rings and bases I'll take them matey, pm me details
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    pm sent cheers

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    mounts turned up today spot on as described totally


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    Bally............glad your happy with them mate.

    Kind Regards,


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