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Thread: Help with load please (quickload)

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    Help with load please (quickload)

    If anyone has quickload software would you be so kind as to run a load for me .
    Its a very very accurate load ,and am curious to know the speed and pressure if possible.

    24 1/2" barrel
    1in 10 twist.

    The load is 95gr Hornady SST over 33.5 gr V N140
    CCI L/R primers , OAL 2.710

    Muchly obliged .Cheers Brough.

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    Using your data produces the folowing results from QL version 3.6;

    Pressure 41756 Shows white on QL which is low.

    FPS 2701

    100% powder burn

    Ballistic Efficiency 25.8%

    Case filling 75.8%

    Playing with the data on QL 37.5g of N140 produces 55902 psi and 2936 fps. However I am not saying go straight to another load. Work up. I have stacks of data from my old .243 using a variety of bullets but not your choice of 95g SST simply because I cannot get hold of them.



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    Thanks spiker , I had a feeling it was a fairly tame load , but to be honest i wanted to try the V140 as Ive a truckload of it ,but couldn't find a load for it in any manual, and used the data for another powder of a similar burn.
    Ok so will work up this load carefully and see what I find , Thanks again for the trouble, Brough.

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    What's the rifle?
    "A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition." -- Rudyard Kipling

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