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Thread: How to attach Harris Bipod to R93 stock?

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    How to attach Harris Bipod to R93 stock?

    Anyone here have instructions/advice how to attach a Harris bipod to a R93 professional stock? Thanks.

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    Alan Rhone, who used to be Blaser dealers, would fit a metal insert into the fore end (I assume it is an off road you have in view of the question) and add an additional sling swivel in the normal position under the front of the fore end. Although they are no longer Blaser dealers I imagine they would still offer this service. It costs about 100 which sounds excessive but is a good job. If you search on my posts I did post in detail on it some time back including photos etc.

    Some people have just fitted the additional sling swivel through the plastic stock, gun shops will sell swivels designed for this. Most people who have done this report no problems but there is always the risk of the stock flexing or touching the barrel so I considered the Alan Rhone solution a good one.

    Here are the photos I posted previously:

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    deja vu

    i now have a stock with the alan rhone fix, its much better than the old stock, but i sold that to a bloke that cant shoot straight so he'll never appreciate it!
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