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Thread: Carcass Drying out in Chiller

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    Carcass Drying out in Chiller

    Managed to catch up with a buck a week or so ago and had the opportunity to try out the new chiller.
    It has been working perfectly for 10 days now and I decided that it was time to butcher the buck. The exposed surfaces of meat had dried to an almost leathery feel. I have had drying in my previous chiller but not to this level. Anyone got any ideas how to reduce this.
    I have set the chiller at 3 degrees and it cuts in about 10 to 15 minutes per hour. The internal fans stay on all of the time so maybe this is the problem. The chiller is about 6ftx6ftx6.5ft high.
    Any ideas?

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    I bet it's the fans.
    I have a coke fridge (which doesn't work it heats to a steady 32 deg) but you can turn the fans off.


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    What can also help is putting a bucket of water in the chiller. This adds some moisutre into the air and can reduce drying somewhat.

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    same as pete e . get an eletronic humidity/moisture ,temp gadgit they are about 6-7

    i dont know the correct humidity level for chiller but my fridge is 58% humidity. you best option is get a humidity /moisture gadgit check you chiller out then go 10% more moisture and see how it goes. you could also try leaving skin on deer to stop drying out.....neil

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    I agree with Neil, I never skin my deer once in the chiller, until I am ready to butcher it, or skin it a day or two before you are going to chop it up. That way it will not dry out so much.

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    The carcass was still with jacket and as Pete says, the exposed surfaces were between haunches and the inner fillets etc. I only skin just prior or the day before butchering.
    There does not seem to be any facility for a humidity setting and there was actually some water in the chiller but this did not seem to help.
    The meat kept beautifully so I know that the temperature was right (and the fridge said 3 deg.)
    You say get a humidity meter but how would I go about increasing the humidity?

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    all i can say is leave the blooming skin on till your ready to butcher it
    the other thing you could use is the old style muslim that they used to put around the carcass to keep it moist , don't wrap it in a bin liner as that will iduce mould within a few days
    the moment the jacket is off , then it seems like a second skin starts to form and that becomes tough , normaly within 2-3 days you start to notice and it starts to darken
    the recommended temp for deer is 7c and game 4c
    my fridge is set at 4c and the brother inlaws is set at 1c, humidity seems to hav no bearing from what i can tell

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    Oi Stone, I did leave the blooming skin on!!!!!
    The meat under the skin is perfect and maybe I am just a bit fussy but never have the exposed surfaces quite so dry.
    Interesting what you say about 7 deg for deer. I always thought it was 3 to 5 deg.

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