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Thread: New stalking outfit.

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    New stalking outfit.

    Hi,is there anyone out there who can give me the lowdown on the quality and reliability of
    deerhunter clothing.I need something which is suitable for horizontal hail,sleet,snow,rain and gales.I fancy the rusky suit from deerhunter but would like some advice.Can anyone help me with this?

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    I have a ram jacket and trousers. Have worn them in pouring rain and I stayed dry. Only problem is they are too warm in the summer for me.

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    Sorry but my Deerhunter stuff is too old to compare with the new stuff. I brought my Moleskin jacket in about 98 and the trousers in a sort of suede feeling material in 2003 both are still doing service.

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    Jahti Jakt works for me.

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    Look at Driza-bone & Dickies. Superb value for money

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    Quote Originally Posted by mountain man View Post
    I need something which is suitable for horizontal hail,sleet,snow,rain and gales.
    Let me know when you find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The best thing so far I've found for horizontal hail, sleet, snow, rain and gales is a nice warm fire indoors and a glass of whiskey!!!!!

    I have a Deer Hunter Ram jacket and it's fine and has kept me dry on many occassions, although I don't know if it would stand up to the above!! They're fine gear for the price.

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    I have a pair of Huntsville trousers and a jacket from the same range and a pair of, I think, Pascha, trousers.

    I've had the Huntsville stuff for a couple of years and wear it for beating as well as stalking. Its still going strong and is waterproof. The Pascha trousers are also good.

    I think that some of the very top end stuff might be better than Deerhunter but for the amount I use it I can't justify 300 plus for a jacket / trousers that I might rip on barbed wire the first time out. I don't think you'll be dissappointed with Deerhunter stuff.

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    I had some deer hunter trousers and they were never very waterproof and didn't survive very long at all. Currently I'm wearing a pair of lightweight Harkila trousers with a rather strange cammo pattern on them that I got "end of line" for reasonable money. They are into their 2nd year now and showing no signs of giving up. In my view better value for money, here they are:


    It seems that if you shop around lots of top notch clothing companies have quite a high rate of turn over of jackets and the like and so you can buy last season's jacket at very reduced money. It might be worth considering this route.

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    I've got a deer hunter montana suit, ram trousers and sum Rusky bibs.

    For me I've found the following:

    Montana suit - Good general suit but dont like the way the predstuds come loose which holds the deertex waterproofing in place. On long stalks I often find the waterproof layer coming to rest in my crouch! Not comfy and regular stops needed to adjust or pull down trousers to fix.

    Dont have the same problem with the jacket and I like the zip in zip out fleece layer which I wear without the jacket alot. Overall the suit is very warm and flexible BUT on really wet days or on the hill the suit becomes water logged i.e the outer material gets full of water and stays there all day.. It's a devil to dry out if drying is limited on a week away and for that reason it's now a back up or Hampshire stalking suit.

    Ram trousers are ok and v.warm

    Rusky bib - Fantastic and does what it says on the tin.. I only use this for Highseats in really cold weather with some thermals on underneath... You can last hours longer wearing these but dont try stalking far in them or you will boil.

    Having tried many I've now spent the money on a harika Pro Hunter pair of trouser and hope to get the jacket sometime soon.. Well made and they dont rip on the wire like the Deer hunters do.. Are warm but not too hot, say in place and have proven to be fantastic.

    Robbo 25

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    I think the rusky suit would be ok for a short walk to a high seat, and a long quiet sit down in very sub-zero conditions.

    I have the deerhunter montana jacket and find it ideal to layer-up with. This morning we had a -2(c) frost and I had a walk round with the dog with just a flannel shirt underneath it. For the sqeamish, I wore Craghoppers lined trousers too. When active I find this is OK. When winter comes I might put the fleece liner in the jacket if i am going to sit in the highseat, if wet I will wear the ram trousers too (as opposed to the craghoppers). If wet and cold, or just very cold, I will layer up with thermal unerwear too. Last winter this combination kept me warm in -17(c) up a highseat.

    I am not a fan of deerhunter trousers as I find the big press-studs on the back pocket tear off on vehicle seats. if you are in and out of a vehicle feeding pheasants, checking feeders, this can be a real pain. For this winter I have bought some ridgeline roar trousers in a sale, very sturdy, but not very breathable. They will be fine in wet and cold conditions for highseat sitting.


    PS, the swillington link looks good for the harkila stuff, i have a mountain grouse jacket that is superb! John Norris also have some seeland stuff on sale too.

    Edit, I have just read robbo's post about the deerhunter jackets, you can make them waterproof again by washing with tech-wash (Finn says fairy liquid) and then using a wash in reproofer! I did this to mine and it works a treat, mind you i am so messy i have to wash mine regularly!
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