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Thread: Lanarkshire Syndicate

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    Lanarkshire Syndicate

    Two rifles available in 830 acre roe syndicate in Douglas area, forestry stalking, Level one holders and insurance BASC/BDS or the likes, 350 per rifle.

    PM for more details.


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    can I have more info please, Level on,

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    Likewise Moose any more info please.


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    can you let me have some cull figures my wife and myself would be intrested both have levels one and two and insurance thanks shotz

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    Thanks for all the responses, i now have enough enquires and interest for viewings.

    Thank you


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    please can you send me some more info on it many thanks

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    thanks laurie for getting back to me that quick many thanks from the foxman

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    Quote Originally Posted by centralbeltstalker View Post
    pm sent
    answer got thanks and replied too,

    thanks f.

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