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Thread: Carcass trailer fits onto tow bar and hangs

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    Carcass trailer fits onto tow bar and hangs

    Hello all

    I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Somewhere in some shooting publication i have seen a tray/basket that fits onto the back of your vehicle that you use for transporting deer carcasses. I have looked through all my shooting times layingaround and searched the forum threads but can find anything but i know its out there. Reason is i have aquired a steal of a 4 x 4 mitsubishi pajero but its the 3 door version with a small boot and this tray thing is perfect for me. Any help is appreciated.


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    Cannot hlp but remember to be legal the overhang has to be less than 60% of the wheel base. Measure the wheels centr to centre then work out 60% that is the measurement from crntre of rear wheel to back of you box.

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    Good advice jimbo123p

    Once i find the bloody thing il get the tape measure out.


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    I found this one.....which is exactly what i was after but i saw another one on a diffrent advert not bush wear and would like to compare the price this one is 160

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    Page 54 of bushwear cat, should be on there website too 159.99 dont know if its exactly what your talking about but sounds like it.

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    Hi, Just found this:-

    tel...........0845 0033455

    Found this by accident, I have no connection !!


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