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Thread: Blaser R93 .243 - very special woodwork (virtually brand new)

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    Blaser R93 .243 - very special woodwork (virtually brand new)

    Hi guys

    I've just been offered my dream shotgun at a price that means I have to have it. So, I'm going to have to part with this rifle to make way for it.

    This is a Blaser R93 in .243. It is the black actioned version with beautiful grade 6 (grand lux) oil-finished wood. It looks stunning with really good figuring (I went up to Open Season and selected the wood myself) and I'll attach some photos as soon as I can. It is factory screw-cut with a neat screw protector cap.

    I bought this rifle in July this year brand new. It has only fired approximately 40 rounds. You won't be surprised to hear that it cost me well over 3000 and they haven't got any cheaper since then!

    For a quick sale, I'll accept 2350. Delivery to your RFD is no problem (at cost) and if it's face to face, I'll give you whatever rounds I have left over (sorry, very difficult to get an RFD to send them to you by courier).

    This is a wonderful rifle and very accurate even with factory loads.

    Any questions, please let me know. Feel free to make me an offer - I'm flexible on price, but not to the point of giving it away!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_5604.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_5604.jpg 
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    Last edited by Blaser243; 25-10-2010 at 10:22. Reason: Price dropped for quick(er) sale!

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    Pictures please

    They have R93's with 30mm medium saddle mounts for 2395 at swillington
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    what shotgun you getting?

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    I'm sure they probably do, but they won't have this stock! As you'll know, you can pick up a standard wood stocked R93 or a synthetic stocked version for that sort of money, but as soon as you start adding nice wood, the price rockets. However, it's a real eye-turner and a pleasure to sit next to in a high seat!

    Sorry guys, haven't had a moment to take any snaps yet, hope to do so over the weekend.

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    Rather not say what the gun is just for the moment because it's advertised online and I wouldn't want anyone to nab it before I do! Let's just say it's not advertised at its full value but I'll let you know before too long!

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    Right chaps, lots of views and no offers, so I'm obviously being told something! If you want to make an offer, please go ahead (or we can discuss over the phone).

    I won't let it go for silly money, but I do need to sell this reasonably quickly, so let me know what it's worth to you.

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    love the quote,ill b using it now.

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    What a pleasure to see a splendid piece of wood instead of the plastic seen so often on SD.

    I have seen, and heard, all the arguments of wood versus plastic, but to own and use a gun like this has to be infinite pleasure.

    It is fair to assume that the shotgun will be of similar quality !


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    Thanks Brian. I couldn't agree more.

    Sadly the shotgun that I've found is quite a lot more expensive than this rifle but it's something I've been waiting for for about 10 years. I keep looking, but one never comes up at anywhere near my budget. This time, its in very good condition (being from the pre-war period) and absolutely ticks all the right boxes. Whilst I'd dearly love to keep the rifle too, I have to be a little bit sensible and sell it rather than the wife's jewellery!

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    Price dropped significantly

    Ok guys, price now reduced to the same as a new absolutely basic Gd1 Blaser R93. You're going to get a real bargain at this price - you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this rifle and one straight out of the box.

    By the way, all original manuals and tools included in their original box.

    If this doesn't sell now, then I think I'll keep it and risk the wife's temper when she finds out the savings have been plundered. It's just too nice a rifle to let go for nothing!

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